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Carpet Revolution Steaming

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    Disinfecting & Sanitizing

    Top-Quality Sanitization Services in Worcester

    We Keep Homes & Offices Disinfected & Sanitized

    Whether you live in Providence, RI, or Putnam, CT, there’s nothing more important than the health and wellbeing of you and your loved ones. As a business owner, you have an obligation to provide your employees with a clean and safe work environment. At Carpet Revolution Steaming, our reliable residential and commercial disinfecting and sanitation services help clients sleep better at night. Along with thoroughly cleaning your hard and soft surfaces, our whole home or office disinfectant treatments will kill any unwanted pathogens (including COVID-19) that may be lingering inside your investment. Request your free disinfecting and sanitizing price quote today!

    Because a Germ-Free Space is a Healthy Space

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides specific guidelines on how to properly disinfect an area. According to the EPA, incorrectly using a disinfectant may kill the weaker germs, allowing the more resistant germs to survive. For the average, untrained person, the consequences for cleaning incorrectly can lead to incomplete disinfection. At Carpet Revolution Steaming, we are well-versed in the latest, EPA- compliant disinfecting and sanitizing techniques. Our revolutionary cleaning system releases an EPA-registered disinfectant throughout your home or office, killing a wide-variety of pathogens (bacteria, viruses, mold, etc.) without putting your pets or children at risk.

    • Residential and commercial

    • EPA-registered disinfectant

    • 100% safe for pets and children

    • Won’t damage hard or soft surfaces

    • Effective against COVID-19

    Our Pricing

    In addition to providing an exceptional customer service experience, our goal is to offer clients the most competitive rates out there, empowering them to accomplish their cleaning goals without breaking their budgets.

    Carpet Cleaning

    • Protect: $24
    • Deodorize: $30
    • Clean: $75

    Tile & Grout Cleaning

    • Tile Cleaning: $162 and up


    • Protect: $24
    • Deodorize: $30
    • Clean: $162


    • Protect: $24
    • Deodorize: $30
    • Clean: $262

    Dining Room Chair

    • Protect: $24
    • Deodorize: $30
    • Clean: $20

    Accent Chair

    • Protect: $24
    • Deodorize: $30
    • Clean: $65

    *Minimum Service is $132*

    Note: +$50 Delivery Fee for Worcester County.

    Got Dirt? We’ve got the solution! Our cleaning experts are here to help.